Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And the blog must go on!

Hey everyone!

Since the Digital Cel Animation class is over, I'll keep using this blog for occasional messages and updates about my future projects. I am currently working on my website, so this has just become a branch from .

Have a Happy New Year!



Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last day of class...

Finally! The last day before Christmas vacations!

I just made sure that I got all the files from my project in the Dropbox and everything seems to be in order.

On other notes... Wow, it was cold today... 28 degrees. I haven't slept, yet I'm even more awake that if I would have sleep a few hours... still, a little shaky and slow.

I'm looking forward to see the animations from my classmates. That shall be fun!

It was a nice class. I learned how to speed things up to be able to complete them timely, and a few tricks in Flash, like the motion guide or how to make animated symbols.

I don't have anything else to say... Thank you, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Oh, here's the final animation again... (it's the same from two posts ago)

Drama Bowl from Jose Landron on Vimeo.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Schedule and BreakDown

Ok, back!

Remember, this is just an estimate...



What's left...

Hi everyone,

Since I left the whole scheduling thing aside to go straight into work and make sure I was able to finish, I will have to calculate the hours and estimate the time employed in it.

Hopefully the blog will provide me with a guide to follow, although it's not going to be as accurate.

I will upload the information as soon as I have it.

See you in a while,


Thursday, November 13, 2008


Finally! Phew!

Here it is!
Enjoy! :)

Drama Bowl from Jose Landron on Vimeo.

And nowwwwwwwww..... z Z z Z z z Z z zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Almost there...

Yes. I finally am 2 scenes away from finishing the animation.

What I'm missing:
-Adjusting water levels.
-Fix animation issues.
-Put some music to it.
-Write credits.

I'm jugglin' time here, but hopefully I'll be able to record my own tune to it.

If I don't finish today, tomorrow it will be done. But I'm aiming as to finish those 2 scenes today.

See you,


Monday, November 10, 2008

The saddest update up-to-date. :(

This weekend was a hostile takeover from my Advanced Modeling class, so all hours were sucked up into polygon/vertex tweaking. (I needed to have a full human body set for today).

I was able to work a little more after class, but as soon as Friday showed up... it was Modeling all the way.

This won't happen this week. Because it's fish animation time starting NOW!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hey everyone!

What can I say... I'm still animating, and will be doing the same for the next days in order to get this done. I'm having some trouble with the mouths I drew for the lip-synch, since all references show you happy talks. It was ok during the fighting scenes, because the fish get this sarcastic look because they are smiling while fighting, but once the story becomes more dramatic, you need to tone them down and have smile-less sad talks. Just so you have an idea of what I'm talking about...

A lil' disturbing, huh?

Time to keep animating. Bye!


Monday, November 3, 2008


More more animating... I'm even closer to the sad part.

That's it for now. Less writing, more working!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More of the same!

More animating!

I've decided to keep the Maya backgrounds. It's an interesting mix plus I don't think I'll have the time left to draw them.

I'm about to get to the sad part of the story, but I'm still missing a few shots before that. I got all my dialogue sounds organized in the timeline the way they should be, plus I cut one line that didn't really mattered storywise.

That's it, back to animating!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Production update as of Monday, October 27.

Hi, everyone.

This weekend wasn't as productive as I expected, since I ran into PC problems at home, and you know how tedious can be back-upping, formatting and re-installing everything back.

Still, I was able to record the lines I was missing, so I have my dialogues complete now. I've been working further on in the animation, but still a long way to go! So I'd better stop writing now and keep animating to get this done!



Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And production goes on...

I've been working on the animation, mostly blocking character positions in relation to the camera, and lip-synching. I've also been working on other details like the title screen for the animation.

In other notes, I fixed my guitar (it was making some distorted sounds), so after getting all action set, I'm good to record the music for the animation. The missing 2 lines from one of my voice-actors will hopefully be recorded by Saturday.

That's all for now. Got to go and move a lot of lips!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Production Update


I spent 2 days cutting and arranging audio clips out of 20 minutes I had to get the best ones for the animation. I also recorded the new line that was missing from one of the voice actors in order to make the animation shorter. We also had a little jam, to test out the song I was composing for the piece. Nothing too fancy, but should do for the length of Drama Bowl. No music was recorded though, since I'm waiting to have everything timed to make it fit more appropriately.

For the rest, I've been working on the mouth positions for both Dilly and Roy in 3 positions: front, side and 3/4-view. And I recreated the set in Maya...

Is the fish's owner a vampire? Who knows!

During the previous quarter, I was integrating Flash into Maya, a somewhat complicated procedure but with beautiful results, since you can get your flat 2-D characters to cast shadows into a 3-D environment. Behold! 2.5-D Animation! :)

I'm adding this clip, so you get an idea of the results... There's a problem with the shadows in it, but it's the only clip I'm carrying with me at the moment.

For "Drama Bowl", I think I'll just import the 3-D environments into Flash, then probably either do some rotoscoping with it, or leave them like that to contrast with the action. The Flash into Maya would be nice for it, but knowing we're just 10 classes away, not a chance of getting it done that way.

Today, I'm working on some mouth positions I'm missing.

See you,


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Storyboard

Very, very similar to the one I previously posted, but this one is shorter and has an ending.

I have nothing else to say. I'm sick and I'm tired of coughing. Coughing is boring. It is just the body saying "Oh, my throat itches, but I can't scratch it, so I'll just spew some aggressive wind against it to "scratch it". I could also write about congestion, but you don't really want to know about that...

Anyway, here's a pic.

Monday, October 13, 2008

New script... shorter version.

Hey everyone!

Here's the new script for a shorter version. I got rid of two characters: Whiskie and Sexy Fish (Not that I plan using them later on, but they just won't do for this one if I want to finish it and make it look good at the same time).

I still need to update storyboard and make it based on the new script, and to write the script in table style (3 columns).

I don't have any major updates, since I was making sure I had all my tutorial files up to date and most part of the weekend was spent on modeling for another class. What can I say... midterms.

Meanwhile, here's the script:

DRAMA BOWL – By Jose G. Landron – Oct 8, 2008 Revision

It’s always the same! Always the same with you!

Well, everything was well until you showed up!

What? It was not my decision to come live with a loser!

A loser, huh?

Yes, the most pathetic loser I’ve ever met!

That’s it! I’m leaving! I wish you were dead!


What? I’m still here? Stupid bowl!

(WORRIED) Oh no! Dilly! Dilly? Are you ok? Dilly!!!!!!!


(SOBBING) Oh, Dilly! I’m so sorry! Please, forgive me!

(ANGRY AT HIMSELF) Why do I have to be so stupid?!?! I can’t take it anymore…


Roy! Don’t do it! I was kidding!!!





Friday, October 10, 2008

Tutorial 5: Lip Sync

Here it is, the lip sync.

I tried making some sense out of a few audio files I got, so I put them together to make the fish sound like a weird older brother.



Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Classmates Critique.


As my classmates recommended, due to my animation probably taking 2 minutes or more, I should look for ways to cut it, maybe get rid of Whiskie the cat and keep the action in the bowl the whole time. The whole thing could work, but having a time-limit and 2 more classes, it's going to be a tough goal to achieve without sacrificing quality over quantity, so let's go the other way.

I'll make it shorter. Thanks for your recommendations, guys.


Storyboard Part 1

Good morning, everyone!

Here's the first part of my storyboard. I added some sounds to the beginning just so you get an idea of how it goes. Still, is unfinished... I almost finished 1 of my 2 script pages. Oh! And I have a little extra on the script different from what I have uploaded (Storyboard and script is subject to change, after applying recommendations).

Blogger wasn't cooperating with the video upload (it has been all day processing...), so I just uploaded it to YouTube.

I didn't touch Tutorial 5 (LipSync) any more to be able to do the storyboard, but you'll see it online soon. I promise.

Just a little extra: This is the script version the voice actors got:

DRAMA BOWL – By Jose G. Landron – Oct 4, 2008 Revision

It’s always the same! Always the same with you!

Well, everything was well until you showed up!

What? It was not my decision to come live with a loser!

A loser, huh?

Yes, the most pathetic loser I’ve ever met!

That’s it! I’m leaving! I wish you were dead!


What? I’m still here? Stupid bowl!
(WORRIED) Oh no! Dilly! Dilly? Are you ok? Dilly!!!!!!!
(SOBBING) Oh, Dilly! I’m so sorry! Please, forgive me!
(ANGRY AT HIMSELF) Why do I have to be so stupid?!?! I can’t take it anymore…


(DYING OUT OF BOWL) F-for-give me, Di…

Huh? Don’t worry, Roy! I’ll save you!



(SOBBING) Goodbye, my sweet love!


(STILL SAD) Oh, Dilly…

Don’t worry, Roy. You’ll be ok!


(EXCITED, ALMOST SINGING) Hello, Hello, Miss Golden Yellow!


(EXHALES IN RELIEF, TO THE CAMERA) It was about time! Finally, Roy has forgotten Dilly! What a relief!



In Heaven:

(LAUGHING) Oh, my! What are you doing here?

No, no, no… What are YOU doing here? Shouldn’t you be burning in Hell?

Oh, Roy… YOU go and burn in Hell!

(IN HER FACE) Best recommendation ever! (LEAVES HEAVEN).


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Character Design Part 3: Size - Proportions Sheet

Here again!

Here is the last sheet from my Character Design. I updated Whiskie's design, because he has become taller. I also added the real life sizes, so you have an idea about how it relates to the world we live in.

Bye peeps, I'll try to have the storyboard done for tomorrow.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Character Design Part 2 / Update!


Finally this weekend I was able to get more project related work done. I recorded the voices for my animation on Saturday, and yesterday, I worked further on the character design. I'm still missing one page... the character size relations, but you'll soon see it up.

If you're wondering why Whiskie is looking now taller and with a more triangular face, it's because I deviated from the original design and I'm starting to enjoy the new look better (it has better proportions and looks more cartoony).

By the way, I'll just like to publicly thank my voice actors, Stephanie Augello and Harry Stark for some wonderful acting.

That's all for now,


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tutorial 4. Walk Cycle

It's almost 4am, and I finally finished the Walk Cycle. Tonight was another of those violent Savannah nights, full of building alarms, speeding cars, non-stop police sirens, and all that jazz... Why do I say all these? Well, just so you know why Mr. Artpuke ended up with a gun in his hand.

The main idea for this cut-out character was taking pieces of the works of many famous artists (Dalí, Da Vinci, Picasso, Michelangelo, Lichtenstein, Goya and Van Gogh) and combining them together into this pseudo-rooster old man. How many pieces can you match with their owner? I ended up having this mess of a creature (Trust me, not even Mr. Artpuke was hapy about his looks).

For the blink, I just removed the eye, and put a tiny pencil for two frames. The animation was made at 15 fps (frames per second).

The reference video I used had very little swing on the right arm, as if he was carrying something, so I placed an object in his hand.

Enough said, here's "Mr. Artpuke Is Gone":

Any other question, I'll be happy to answer.

I'm off to bed, or I'll fall off the chair,

G'nite everybody!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A message about a message.

I posted a message about my current progress last night, so now I'm posting this other message, from the classroom, referring to that message. Next mission: finish character design sheets.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tutorial 3: Rotoscoping.

Hi again!

Unfortunately, rotoscoping and other classes' work have gotten in the way of the Character Design Follow Up post, but still, here's something fun: Rotoscoping animations.

The first one was based on Mr. Muybridge's images (3000 b.C. (kiddin'!)). Down here, you can see Plátano Man (Plantain Man) on his usual stroll to work. I made a total amount of 12 frames, then copy and pasted them to match the steps and get him across the screen. From Muybridge, I got 10 steps, but since some images were missing, I inbetweened 2 frames. It moved so fast on ones, so I shot it on twos (2 frames of the same picture). Still, I feel it slips a little in some parts... but hey! The reference almost emulated Michael Jackson's MoonWalk, so don't expect Christmas! Besides, he's Plantain Man... Have you ever tried walking with plantain feet?

The next one is supposed to be me, using a reference video of myself walking around. This one was a tough one... 160 frames... The reasons it is so wobbly: 1. It's shot on ones. 2. I drew it using my Wacom tablet, instead of the Cintiq 21UX. Yes, I could have shot it on twos to make it less wobbly... yet I enjoy watching how energetic I look this way, so I kept it. :-D

Alright, bye!


Monday, September 29, 2008

Character Design, Part 1...

Here are the 4 characters from "Drama Bowl". I'm still missing the facial expressions and the character poses. I'll be working on that next, to then follow up with the storyboard.



Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tutorial 2: Digital Puppet or JUMP!

The following animations were created by using Motion Tween.

The next one, I did by scanning my own drawing of this guy I named Trook. This one was animated by combining frame by frame with Motion Tween, since Motion Tween didn't work too well when flipping pieces and "just cause" in some others (probably it had to do with the amount of pieces of Trook.

And now, to work on the character design...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tutorial 1: Bouncing Balls

As I said on the previous post, I've changed my idea/premise to one that can fit better into the class requirements. (Kind of sad, because I already had the character design almost done for the first one, but hey... it's practice then!) I wrote a rough version of the script last night, and I'll be working on my character design as soon as I can.

And to honor the title of this post, here are the Bouncing Balls:

Tutorial 1: Bouncing Ball with Ease In/Out

Tutorial 1: Bouncing Ball with Custom Ease In/Out

That's it for now!


The Script

Ok, guys. Here's the script for "Drama Bowl"

I'm leaving some additional details outside, in case I don't have time to include them in the final product. The story still works without them. They're just some other visual gags.





Indistinctive fighting between
man and woman.

Title screen with words: DRAMA
BOWL appear on screen. Then:  A
short story by José G. Landrón.

DILLY:  It’s always the same!  Always the same with you!

ROY:  Well, everything was well until you showed up!

DILLY:  What?  It was
not my decision to come live with a loser!

ROY:  A loser, huh?

DILLY:  Yes, the most pathetic loser I’ve ever met!


C/U of  two fish arguing furiously.

ROY:  That’s it! 
I’m leaving!


C/U of Roy’s face, angry.

ROY:  I hope you die!


C/U of Dilly’s face, surprised
and hurt.


Roy mumbling to himself,
complaining.  Dilly making
exaggerated dying sounds.

Middle shot:  Roy puts a hat, grabs a suitcase and
starts swimming around the fishbowl, meanwhile, in the center, Dilly is
having a stroke and dies.

ROY:  What?  I’m
still here?  Stupid fishbowl!

(Worried)  Oh no!  Dilly! 
Dilly?  Are you ok?  Dilly!!!!!!!

Small thud on glass.

Roy stops and kicks the fishbowl,
then he sees Dilly’s floating dead body.

Roy holds Dilly’s body, and


Small bubble pop.

Wide shot: of table with the
bowl, and only one little bubble pops.

ROY:  Oh, Dilly! 
I’m so sorry!  Please,
forgive me!

Sad music

Roy crying, still holding Dilly’s

ROY:  Why do I have to be so stupid?!?!  I can’t take it anymore…

Body thud of hitting floor.

Roy is angry at himself, and
becomes suicidal.  Climbs to the
top of the bowl, looks down and jumps.

ROY:  (Dying) 
F-for-give me, Di…


C/U of Roy dying on the floor.

WHISKIE:  Don’t worry, Roy!  I’ll save you!

Water splash.

Whiskie enters scene, picks up
Roy and throws him inside the bowl.

ROY:  (Crying) Arrrghhh!!! 


C/U of Roy watching Dilly’s
corpse again.



Text shows on screen:  “On the next day”.

ROY:  (Sobbing) Goodbye, my sweet love!

Water plops.  Things shaking inside a can.

Human hand removes Dilly’s body
from the bowl with a net.  Hand
throws food to Roy, who doesn’t eat.



Text shows on screen:  “A few days later”.

ROY:  Oh, Dilly…


Middle shot of Roy almost down to
his bones, due to malnutrition, barely swimming.  A lot of food still floating around.

WHISKIE:  Don’t worry, Roy.  You’ll be ok!

Chewing sounds.

Wide Shot:  Whiskie notices, so grabs Roy, puts a
funnel inside his mouth and makes him eat.



Text appears on screen:  “A few days after”.

ROY: Hello, Hello, Miss Golden

Sensual music.

Hand empties plastic bag with
sexy female fish.  Roy gets

WHISKIE:  It was about time!  Finally, Roy has forgotten
Dilly!  What a relief!

Dying sounds.

Medium shot:  While Whiskie speaks to the camera,
Roy dies.


New Premise: Drama Bowl

I've changed my story. I was advised I should either shorten my previous story, or just make a brand new shorter one. So, I present to you, fresh from the oven:

"Drama Bowl"
By José G. Landrón, 09/23/2008

A couple of fish (Roy and Dilly) start fighting about how unbearable is to keep living together. Dilly insults Roy, and that really angers him, so he yells at her: “That’s it, I’m leaving! I hope you die!”. Roy puts a hat on and grabs a suitcase, and swims around the bowl. While he’s “going away”, Dilly dies from stroke.

When Roy realizes he’s been going in circles, he finds Dilly dead. He repents about all the mean things he said, but it’s too late now… Unable to carry the burden, Roy decides to kill himself.

Of course, it won’t be that easy, specially when you have Whiskie around, a very caring cat that will do all he can to avoid Roy’s death. What will happen at the end? Stay tuned!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Premise for "The Forgotten"

Ok, so this is what I came up with... I had this incomplete idea a long time ago, so I decided to finally make something out of it. Having made some other Flash animations before, I know doing this the way I want, will consume me months, so I'll either sacrifice quality and aesthetic value to get it all done, or just get a nice chunk of the story and animate it.

Having said that, here it is:

“The Forgotten”
By Joz (José G. Landrón) - 09/20/2008

Ted Stem is a little robot that lives inside a light bulb from a nightlight stuck in the wall of a house, which is at the same time, his spaceship.

One night, he unplugs his spaceship from the wall, and flies around. Noticing that one of the humans had the refrigerator open, he decides to go inside, looking for a new adventure.

The human doesn’t notice Ted’s entry to the fridge, and closes it, leaving him trapped inside.

Inside, he gets out of his ship to explore around, thus encountering “The Forgotten”, creatures that developed and mutated from old remnants of food and candy at the back of the refrigerator.

“The Forgotten” trap him, and bring him to their king, King Pop… a lollipop stuck to the surface. King Pop asks him for the purpose of his visit, which looked really suspicious to “The Forgotten”.

Once jailed… Ted tells Pop that he might be able to free him from being stuck, so KingPop accepts and frees him. Ted can produce light and energy with his arms, so he starts to cut through the attached area. While he’s almost done, Ted is about to pass out, running out of energy, and that very same moment, some Forgotten arrive to the scene, misinterpreting everything, thinking Ted is attempting to kill their king. They take Ted away before the king can say a word, and while they’re carrying, Ted finally shuts down. Taking him for dead, the Forgotten decide to throw Ted into “The Pit”, a small gap between the shelves and the back wall of the fridge. When they are about to do so, King Pop shows up (he was able to detach himself after Ted’s effort), and stops them.

After seeing he’s out of battery, he orders The Forgotten to put him inside the bulb, and replace the one from the fridge, with his’. They do so, and after a while, Ted is back to life again. He thanks the king and the Forgotten, who help him put his ship together. Ted opens a hole in the refrigerator’s door, big enough so his spaceship can go through… and after he finishes the hole, the human opens the fridge. Ted says: “Well, that was pointless!”, but still he escapes through the hole. He then returns to the wall and re-attaches his spaceship to it.


After the credits, the human closes the refrigerator’s door, sees the hole for the first time and says “What the….”

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My best work, errr... most complete, at least. :)

Even though I'm not a 100% proud of this, since I did it all before having any formal education in Animation, I chose it as my best work, just because it's my most complete piece. I played all the roles available for "The Ballad of Miss Wrong and Mr. Right", as writer, composer, singer (I tried, heheh), musician, animator, editor, etc, etc...

The video I had on my hard drive wasn't playing on SCAD computers, so here's the YouTube version, while I'm able to upload one with a higher resolution.

I hope you enjoy it,

As my own critique, the most I enjoy from this piece are the transitions, while the least I like is the jumpy sequence of the hungry monster walking.

Ok, bye.


Monday, September 15, 2008

My favorite animation.

When it comes to deciding which is my favorite animation, several cartoons cross my mind... Animaniacs, Looney Tunes, Foster's... but having to summarize, I'd have to go with Tex Avery's "Symphony in Slang" (1951).

I chose this one, not only because I like it, but because I remember watching this one since I was little, and striking me (then and now) due to all the literal imagery. I love Tex Avery's style of exaggeration, deconstruction and literal humor. I enjoy literal humor way too much, probably because of the irony of how words, the stepping stones of communication, can provide so much misunderstandings resulting in funny and preposterous situations when taken as they were originally meant to be.

Anyway, I'm off to model an ear, or maybe eat a burger...

See you around,


First Post: Who am I?

Hi everyone, welcome to my Production Blog!

My full name is Jose G. Landron-Baralt (my friends call me "Joz" for short), and I'm from San Juan, Puerto Rico, a speck in the Caribbean. I am an Animation Grad student at SCAD. Usually, this is followed by the "Are you 3-D or 2-D?" question, which although I think I'm heading towards 3-D, I still enjoy 2-D a lot, even though I'm not that proud of my drawing skills.

I have a bachelor's degree in Marketing with a minor in Advertising/Public Relations, not that artsy, but still having to do with creativity.

My hobbies include: animating, drawing, inventing things, listening to music, going to the movies, writing/composing, playing music (mostly guitar and bass), board games, video games, traveling... Oh, and I have a serious addiction to LEGO bricks. :-| (By the way, if you don't want them anymore, I'll be more than happy to adopt them! :-D)

I'm a dog person, but I like cats too. I also like Apple computers, chocolate, and Batman related stuff.

I enjoy listening to rock, ska, alternative, blues, reggae, jazz and tango, among others...
My favorite musicians/bands are: Andres Calamaro, Vicentico, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Los Rodriguez, Flavio Mandinga Project, Kevin Johansen, Juan Luis Guerra, Ariel Rot, Bahiano, Los Pericos, Cafe Tacuba, Jarabe de Palo, Black Guayaba, Javier Calamaro, Jorge Drexler, Fito Paez, Bersuit Vergarabat, Kapanga, Los Autenticos Decadentes, Enanitos Verdes, The Killers, JET, Reel Big Fish, Green Day, Muse, Bob Marley and many more...

My favorite tv shows are: Animaniacs, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Looney Tunes, Pinky and the Brain, Batman: The Animated Series, Teen Titans, 2 Stupid Dogs, Fairly Odd Parents, Pink Panther, Spongebob Squarepants, The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Robot Chicken and Venture Bros.

My favorite movies: The new Batman films, animated features (Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, Blue Sky, etc...), and the old Star Wars movies.

Artists I admire: Quino (father of probably the best Spanish comic strip ever made, "Mafalda"), Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Tim Burton, Craig McCracken, Steven Spielberg, John Lasseter, Brad Bird, and Salvador Dali.

I have a weird stomach that's comfortable with junk food, but terrified of fancy-gourmet food.

I'm also taking Advanced Digital Modeling and Media Theory during this Fall quarter.

I'm currently working on my website (, where I shall put many of the stuff I do, but meanwhile you might want to take a look at to see some of it.

I don't know what else to write, so feel free to ask about anything I omitted.

Thanks for reading and see you around!